• Hungry customers delivered to you with Google and Social Media Ads.

  • Website services that converts visitors into paying customers

  • Human-like AI communication systems that will reduce time spent on customer communications by 80%.




Let's paint of a picture of what our services mean for you! Imagine never having to worry about finding another customer again, imagine having more customers than you can handle all the time! It sounds good but what about when you are overwhelmed with 100's of enquiries. Now imagine that all those messages are instantly read and answered, the time wasters are identified and eliminated and the worth while customers automatically have appointments booked. The only thin you need to do is focus on product/service delivery. Well stop imagining and make it a reality with Digital Marketing Africa!

We help you to grow your business by building cost effective digital marketing systems that offer wholistic solutions. Our ads drive visitors to your website; our websites educate your visitors and turn them enquiring leads; our artificial intelligence systems uses email, SMS and WhatsApp to instantly reply to enquiries, qualify prospects, send follow up communications and books appointments. We do all of this for you and manage the progress.


Our Ads strategies will deliver herds of hungry customers to your website.

  • ​Become popular by Instantly appearing on top of Google search results.

  • Enjoy work again by cherry picking the customers you want.

  • Scale your business with the click of a button.

  • Use trend data to plan with certainty.


Our persuasive strategies will turn your website into a money printing machine.

  • Let your website communicate your value so you don't have to.

  • Make difficult decision easy by leveraging customer data.

  • Effortlessly Increase your customers spend.​​

  • Climb the ranks of Google with smart SEO.


Have a 24/7 AI assistant deal with customer communications

  • Save time by never needing to deal with queries again.

  • ​​​Avoid frustration by autonomously filtering out time wasters.

  • Instantly read and respond to 100's of messages simultaneously 24/7.

  • Realistic human like conversations.



There are two core outcomes that we focus on achieving for your business:

1. Increasing revenue by driving sales with digital marketing. This is where we use aggressive marketing methods such as paid ads to drive sales up quickly. This includes Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Meta Ads (Facebook), Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and TikTok Ads. This will have your business running at full capacity in no time.

2. Optimization's of marketing systems. By optimizing's we specifically mean decrease costs, decrease man hours required and increase productive output. Thanks to AI’s ability to have full on conversations we can automate 80-100% of the marketing and sales process as well as other business communications. In addition to this as time passes our organic (free) marketing strategies will start to take effect reducing ad spend.



This is where we focus on understanding the business and its market. We then plot a course of action that will initially focuses on the low hanging fruit and achieving efficiency and long term growth.


We launch multiple campaigns to unlock the most immediate value in the shortest period of time. Our goal here is to increase profits to the point where our product pays for itself as quickly as possible.


We ensure results are maintained as growth is achieved, we test new ad strategies, refine existing ones and we continue our efforts to automate work flows keeping you ahead of your competition.



The purpose of our services is to generate high quality leads and sales through digital marketing. We go a step further and ensure that our clients experience with the leads are as hassle free and time saving as possible. We have done a good job on this by eliminating 80-100% of the sales process for our client.

Our services are divided into 5 main categories: Strategic consulting, Digital Ads, Website Services, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, and AI communications. Please note that we only offer these services as an all-inclusive monthly packaged deal. This means that if you are looking for standalone once off services then we don’t do that. For example if you subscribe to our monthly packaged deal we then take care of all your digital marketing needs. If you need a website we will build it out. On the other hand if you would like to pay us a once off fee for us to just develop your website then we do not do that. The same applies to our strategic consulting, digital ads, CRM software and AI communications.

Strategic Consulting

  • Get insightful data: Get insightful Google amd Social media data to help you understand consumer and business interests and trends. Benefit: Clarity around your market.

  • Consultations: Have frequent consultations to keep you up to date with where your business and products fits in the digital universe. Benefit: Understand your business in a much wider context.

  • ​​State of the art technology and tactics: We automatically update you and implement the latest marketing trends and technology. Benefit: Stay ahead of your competition.

  • ​​Marketing Education: Stay informed by understanding the dynamics and secrets of marketing. Benefit: Have knowledge on the subject that actually generates you sales.

Ad Services

  • All Ad platforms: We market on all platforms including Google, Meta (Facebook), Youtube, TikTok, X (Twitter) and LinkedIn. Benefit: Instantly increase your reach.

  • ​Email and SMS marketing: We use various email and SMS marketing strategies to rope back customers that got away. Benefit: Convert a higher number of leads into customers.

  • Forecasts: We do research collecting data to gauge the interest of your product/service and the potential success of your marketing campaign. Benefit: Predictable results reduces risk.

  • ​Data Collection: We continuously collect data that helps us understand customer behavior, and interests. Benefit: Better understand your customers behavior.

  • Reporting: We provide access to live ad performance reports so you can see exactly how your ads are performing. Benefit: Live data increases the rate of refinement and subsequently the rate of improvement.


  • Hosting and domain registration: We can help you start from scratch with the basics such as domain registration. Benefit: Less admin for you to do.

  • Web design and development: We design and develop websites that optimizes your company’s ability to convert visitors into customers. Benefit: Have a much higher number of visitors convert to customers.

  • ​​Copy writing: We use persuasive and clear copy writing to
    communicate your companies value with clarity and intent. Benefit: Have your lead understand the value of your company.

  • ​​Graphic designs: We use well crafted graphics to aid in
    communicating your companies value. Benefit: Build more credibility with a professional looking website.

  • Forms & surveys: We use forms and surveys as a tool to collect data and better understand your customer so you can give them what they want. Benefit: Make well informed decisions.

Automated AI Communications

  • Human like conversations: We use Chat GPT’s advanced AI software to have fully automated conversations it can have. You won’t be able to tell the difference between messaging this chat bot and humans. Benefit: Save a tremendous amount of time.

  • Learning your data: We turn this chat bot to your companies own product expert into an expert by training it on company and product information. Benefit: Have the ability to be agile and introduce new products quickly.

  • Sales: We program the chat bot to not only answer customer questions but to also be persuasive and suggest your product as a solution. Benefit: Sell effortlessly.

  • Eliminates time wasters: This chat bot will ask a series of qualifying questions and separate high-quality leads from time wasters. Benefit: No longer deal with frustrating clients.

  • Reliable 24/7: Have all messages responded to immediately no matter what time they come in. Benefit: Never lose a sale to competitors again.

  • Reporting: No read through entire conversation. The chat bot will automatically provide you with a concise summary of a its conversation. Benefit: Stay up to date timeously.

  • WhatsApp and email: Have the chat bot speak through various channels such as WhatsApp and email and social media. Benefit: Save time by never having to deal with text communication again.

Customer Relationship Management Software

  • Automate workflows: Automate tedious repetitive tasks such as appointment booking, reporting, customer management, email and SMS campaigns. Benefit: Make work enjoyable again.

  • Consolidated messaging: View and organize all your email, WhatsApp and social media messages in one place. Benefit: Be able to quickly handle all your messages.

  • Sales and Pipeline management: Collect data and manage prospects at different stages of your sales pipeline. Benefit: Have your sales process organized and structured.

  • ​​Social media management: Plan and schedule social media posts as well as manage messaging. Benefit: Improved time management.

  • Website management: Quickly change, adapt add and adapt new features new features with our website management tools. Benefit: Adapt quickly.


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